LED Lenser P4R Core


Brightness and longevity are very important with this pen lamp.

The P4R Core shines for its size with a superior light output of 200 lumens and has a removable rechargeable battery with micro-USB interface for eco-friendly charging. It offers a slim, lightweight design with Endcap Switch and pocket clip. The Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System also provides precise light in spot and flood.


– Small, lightweight, powerful pen lamp 55 g light (incl. battery), 150 mm long (defocused), up to 200 lm bright
– Outstanding Ledlenser light quality brightness, beam range and run time are ideally matched to the energy source
– Advanced Focus System for efficient, precise flood and spot lighting
– Practical clip to attach to a shirt or trouser pocket
– Eco-friendly, rechargeable battery (via micro-USB port)


Lumens: 200lm (Power) – 90lm ( Mid Power) – 15lm (Low Power)
Beam distance: 90m (Power) – 60m ( Mid Power) – 15m (Low Power)
Runtime: 1.5h (Power) – 3h ( Mid Power) – 25h (Low Power)
Weight: 55g (incl. batteries)
IP Class: IP54
Technology: Advanced Focus System

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